Time Clock

Why should you get a time clock?

Time Clocks help keep accurate start and stop times for all employees. Time Clocks enable you to precisely track each break, tardy arrival, and early departure. Never again worry about something flying under the radar!

How does it work? 

Time Clocks provide many different features that allow you to save costs and easily control your employee’s time records. Time Clocks will allow you to create multiple schedules to assign to different groups of employees. You can also make unique premiums used for employees working outside of the scheduled times; working over X amount of hours per day; or working over X amount of hours per a certain period of time. These will allow you to effortlessly control night shifts, overtime premiums and more!

Our Time Clocks also allow employees to clock in and out several times a day. Other available features will let your staff record jobs they are working on with each entry, allowing them to submit multiple jobs within the day.