Introducing Tabula Rasa!

Tabula Rasa, by definition, means “blank slate” and best describes its unique capabilities offered within the Software As a Service (SaaS) marketplace. Tabula Rasa truly is an implementation-defined web-based platform able to accommodate a diverse range of deployment paradigms ranging from information collection and management to back office legacy software application overlay.

The core of Tabula Rasa’s capabilities lies within the Forms that are implemented. Forms are the basis for collecting information within Tabula Rasa and can be used to manage projects, maintain back office systems, and drive complex analysis reporting. Inherent to Tabula Rasa is a fully customizable user portal allowing for specific administration requirements by organization and a scalable infrastructure offering completely secure resource access able to accommodate enterprise-level deployments.

In addition to the information captured, Tabula Rasa also offers inter-organization messaging, customizable event logging and complete content management.

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